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Duration: 1.5 hours (Please arrive at least half an hour before your scheduled activity)

Price per Person: R400.00
Price per Child: R350.00 (Not recommended for children under the age of 8 years)

Combine the air, water, and land elements by rappelling down a 25 meter drop and stepping over to an easy rock climb up.

We cater for groups and individuals, young and old, experienced or novice, take your own time and enjoy the exhilaration of dropping into space and admiring the scenery from a different angle.  

Consider booking a river rafting trip or a quad ride to complete the ultimate experience. Book today and put the fire back into your life!!!! 


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Duration: 1 hours

Price per Person: R300.00

Archery is a fun and challenging individual or team build activity that anyone can master quickly. Instructors are on hand to give knowledge of the apparatus and demonstrate the basics of safe handling and shooting. Once everyone is confident with the basics the participants are divided into teams competing against other and individually. 

We can also make it more fun by adding a balloon filling competition, which ends in the team shooting and bursting a balloon filled with water to win! This is fun and inter-active 

This ancient sport of warriors provides a change of pace where skill, judgment and a level head count for more than adrenaline 

We’ll create a fun and interactive event where your group will shoot arrows, bond and laugh! It’s perfect for all ages, genders and management levels for individuals, groups, employees and clients. 

The session last for one or two hours and, under the direction of skilled instructors it includes the basics of archery as well as some archery based fun and competitive games. 

All targets, bows and butts are supplied. 

Battle of the Bush Chefs

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Duration: 4 hours

Price per Person: R400.00

Ideal for Corporate Team Buildering, Year End parties, Bachelorettes/Bachelors, Birthday parties, Kids Parties or just a bunch of friends looking for a fun activity around the fire.

Tastes, aromas, cooking and food in general is becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives and we find that there is a “bit of chef” in all of us. Ground Zero presents a Cook Off activity that is fun and allows us all to become involved in an outdoor culinary experience regardless of our level of expertise or knowledge. 

This activity is ideal for groups of 8 or more, guests are divided into teams that have to create mystery gourmet meals with the ingredients we supply using outdoor gas equipment, open fires and lots of initiative. As the activity unrolls our judges and chefs offer advice and tips also allowing occasional controlled visits to our bush pantry and introduce numerous twists, surprises and changes that make this challenge unpredictable and even more fun, involving everybody. 

At the end of the activity meals are judged, winners declared and the prepared food is enjoyed by all. A minimum of 3 to 4 hours is required for this event depending of the size of the group. We supply all ingredients and utensils for a 3 course feast all you need to bring is an open mind, a sense of humor and an adventurous spirit.

Mail us for a quotation today! 

Go - Karts 11 Laps with Burger & Cold Drink

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Duration: 0 hours (Please arrive half an hour before the scheduled activity)

Price per Person: R320.00

You can choose 6 laps - R240 per person or

                         11 laps - R320 per person

  • Well maintained go karts will allow you to cruise or speed around the interesting and challenging tracks, according to your rider level.
  • Protective clothing is available.
  • Select short or longer rides, and enjoy the fun experience of our well-designed circuits.
  • Build your skill to higher levels with each visit.
  • Burger & Cold Drink for after the race